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Celebration of the Luxembourg National Day in The Hague

Publié le mercredi 28 juin 2017

Under a brilliant sun, the Luxembourg Embassy had invited on 22nd June, the eve of the Luxembourg National Day, to the traditional reception in the gardens of the Luxembourg residence.

In his welcome speech the Ambassador mentioned in particular: “So we know from past and present experience that our destiny is the Europe of the Union, our second fatherland, and on this day of national celebration we also renew our commitment to its promise: peace, stability and prosperity for future generations on our continent. Exactly one year ago we were saddened by the verdict of the Brexit referendum of 23rd of June. We continue to deplore ongoing centrifugal tendencies, and on this very day the Luxembourgers have one major wish:  to stay united on our continent.  And we feel comforted that since, majorities of citizens in many member countries have expressed their support for our common European project.

This 2017 National Day reception was also the moment for the Ambassador and his family, after five years spent in the Netherlands, to take leave, and to thank the Dutch authorities, colleagues and friends, as well as the Dutch people for their support and warm welcome during that period.

In proof of the particular close ties between both countries, a formation of the Royal Dutch Military Orchestra, the “Johan Willem Friso” woodwind quintet performed at the reception. Later in the evening, the Luxembourg group “Joint Venture Percussion” played for the guests 

The reception was also the occasion to honour the Director of the BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property), Mr. Edmond Simon, for his important contribution to this very successful Benelux institution based in The Hague.


Guests at the National Day reception are welcomed by Ambassador Lorenz

 The National Day reception took place in the gardens of the Luxembourg residence in The Hague

Mr. Edmond Simon receives a distinction for his important contribution the BOIP

The Luxembourg group “Joint Venture Percussion” – Laurent Warnier, Sven Hoscheit and Rachel Xi Zhang

The woodwind quintet of the Johan Willem Friso Royal Dutch Military Orchestra with Ambassador Lorenz