Message of Ambassador Jean-Marc Hoscheit on the occasion of the Luxembourg National Day 2021

Léif Lëtzebuerger, Léif Lëtzebuergerinnen,

Dear friends of Luxembourg,

Beste vrienden van Luxemburg,


Since more than a year and a half we are living under the pressure of a global pandemic that has brought untold misery to thousands and thousands of persons and their relatives and friends. We cannot but remain in silent remembrance of these loses and the sorrow they have brought for so many families.


But, fortunately, there is now increasing light at the end of the tunnel and in many countries, intensified vaccination campaigns have brought closer the perspective of a progressive and prudent return to a normal life as we knew before. So my wife and myself strongly  hope that next year’s Luxembourg National Day can be commemorated in a way allowing for all the good and well established traditions to be observed, including here in the Netherlands, the country that hosts the Luxembourg community in such a hospitable way!


Also in Luxembourg the situation has improved considerably and all indicators are evolving in a favorable way. The recent qualification of Luxembourg by the Dutch authorities as a “yellow” country reflects this consolidated positive evolution. This allows for a restoration of the free circulation of persons between our two countries, which is a cherished fundamental right established within our European Union.


As Ambassador of Luxembourg, I can only hope that the large and traditional flow of Dutch tourists to Luxembourg will go back quickly to normal levels, as will be the presence of Luxembourgers taking advantage of the multiple natural, cultural and historical riches of the Netherlands.


To conclude, on this joyous and festive occasion of our National Day, let me express, also on behalf of my wife, our very best wishes to each of you and to your families!


Vive de Grand-Duc a seng Famill,

Vive Lëtzebuerg

a Vive Europa,

dat ons a Fridden a Wuelstand zesummebréngt!


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