Lëtzebuerger Nationalfeierdag 2020 - National Day of Luxembourg 2020

Léif Lëtzebuerger, Léif Lëtzebuergerinnen,

Beste vrienden van Luxemburg,


Today, June 23rd, is the National Day of Luxembourg. In normal circumstances, my wife and myself would look forward at this moment to greet many of you at our National Day reception, in the beautiful garden of our residence. Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances, and we will not be able to enjoy together the company, the musical performance and the delicious Luxembourg specialties and drinks.

The pandemic has interrupted our common routines and a great many have suffered its disastrous consequences. Our thoughts go out to them and their families.

In these trying times, Luxembourg, as other countries, has nevertheless been able to mobilize the resilience, the solidarity and the individual and collective sense of responsibility that has helped our country to confront this extraordinary challenge, as so often in the difficult moments of our history.

This allows us no to develop a more positive outlook for the future, while trying to master the important issues that still lie ahead of us.

Added to our national efforts, Europe is mobilizing its efforts in order to design ways out of this dire situation. Progressively, the free circulation of persons is reestablished and allows us to say with confidence: Schengen is alive!

Together with our friends and partners, we need to trace the path to invent a more resilient and prosperous Europe, based firmly on the principles and values that are dear to us.

True to its role and tradition, Luxembourg will actively strive to contribute to the realization of this major task ahead of us.


Léif Lëtzebuerger, Léif Lëtzebuergerinnen,

Beste vrienden van Luxemburg,


Even at a distance, let us all join on the occasion of the National Day in our dedication of our common sense of community and orientation to the future, while mastering the difficulties of the present situation.


Vive de Grand-Duc a Vive d’groussherzoglech Famill,

Vive Lëtzebuerg!


Note : We had planned to enliven our reception by inviting the Luxembourg Ensemble Saxitude to perform. Due to the circumstances, this was impossible, but instead, thanks to the contribution by Saxitude, a short musical video was realized, which includes a rendering of the National hymns of Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Europe, illustrated by some beautiful views of the diverse Luxembourg landscapes.

Please enjoy!       

(to open the video, please click on the picture below)


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